Matthew Stuart
Contact: Studio 92, Galeria Court, London, SE15 6PY

Co-edits: Bricks from the Kiln
Coordinates: GDL5, Kingston School of Art
Runs: Lazy Machine
Collaborates: Traven T. Croves

Read: Every telling has a taling / Every story has an ending (→ available)
Read/See: Bricks from the Kiln #4 (edited w. Natalie Ferris, Bryony Quinn & Andrew Walsh-Lister) (→ available)
See: Intertitles ed. Jess Chandler, Aimee Selby, Hana Noorali & Lynton Talbot (designing w. Andrew Walsh-Lister; published by Prototype) (→ about)
See: Boiled In Between by Helen Marten (designed w. Andrew Walsh-Lister; published Prototype) (→ about)
Read/See: As Celebration, As Critique, As Play: Ron Hunt, Selected Writings (1957–2020) (edited w. Ron Hunt & Andrew Walsh-Lister) (→ available) (→ more)
Read: Annotations / Captions / Notes on the Cover(s) (→ here)
Listen: Bricks from the Kiln #3 broadcast (→ here)
See: Safe Mode by Sam Riviere (designed; published by Test Centre) (→ extract)
Read: In Conversation with Paul Bailey (→ here)
Read: Asides to Our Times and to Our Contemporaries (An Afterword from the Editors) (→ here)

(updated: 12.1.2021)